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You could’ve been anywhere in the world, but you’re here with me, and I appreciate that. Welcome to my personal site where everything Jay Brantley lives. 

Let’s start from the top. My government is Justin, friends call me Brantley, and family calls me Jay. Since we’re family… Jay it is. I am not some guru looking to sell you products or advice. I am not here to preach to you, nor am I here to boast and brag about my accomplishments. This site’s sole purpose is to UPLIFT, INSPIRE, and MOTIVATE through the lenses of life experiences; both mine and others.

I did not go to an Ivy League school. I did not come out of school making bank. My family didn’t have a foreign car, guest room, office, or kitchen island growing up. This is only important to state because like most, I come from humble beginnings.

You can find out more about me here but long story less long: Grew up in a single parent home in Racine, Wisconsin (#3 on the worst cities for Black folks to live in America) , went to Tennessee State University to study industrial engineering, bounced around a bit after graduating and landed in NYC. Fell on my face repeatedly over the course of the next 3 years. Through persistence and faith, made it out the mud and landed on Wall Street.  Outside of the 9-5, I’ve begun my journey as an investor in blockchain projects, real estate, businesses, and people; and aim to create a pipeline of young leaders from the streets of Racine onto the dorms of prominent colleges, and then into the most sought after companies.

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Taking you behind the curtain

Small Businesses

My favorite entrepreneurs
Everything blockhain

#Ask A Therapist

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Traditional Securities

Real Estate

Blockchain Projects

Venture Capital

Phase 1

  • Fall and Spring Scholarships

Phase 2

  • College Tours 
    • South & East Coast Schools. Both HBCUs and PWIs included

Phase 3

  • ACT Prep
  • SAT Prep

Phase 4

  • Essay Prep
  • Mentor/Mentee Relationships

Phase 5

  • College Application Process
  • Study Abroad
  • Internships

Phase 6

  • Leadership & Communication Development
  • Full Time Job Placement in Most Sought After Industries 


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