Jay Brantley

Dynamic, Hustler, Dreamer  

The Details

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Played basketball, wrestling, track and football in HS

Pledged ΑΦΑ at Tennessee State University (the best HBCU)

Also was Mr Collegiate 100, Mr Ivy, and the face of my engineering department

Moved to Atlanta directly after college (2013) and hated it

Atlanta was an amazing city to visit while in college, but living felt it was a real life rendition of Love & Hip Hop

Plotted on my escape to a large city for the opportunity it provides. Was open to both LA and NYC, but both seemed like a distant dream

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Got the opportunity to move to NYC so I sold my car, broke my lease, and moved with a job and one suitcase (January 2014)

Fought with my Mom because I passed up an engineering interview with AT&T making 60k to move to New York City to make 40k. Figured If I fell on my face, I’d figure it out. 

Moved into a house in East Harlem with 4 women. One of which I shared the unfinished basement

Slept on a futon with removable wardrobes, an electric heater, and one of those Chinese accordion dividers as my bedroom wall. Couldn’t tell me I wasn’t lit though

Super Powerful Admin Panel

Software consulting was sexy, and I was crushing it. My boss told me I was the best rotational program employee she’s ever had. 

My college roommate landed a job a few months later, and we found a place together. (after borrowing money from my mom and emptying my bank account)

Literally a few weeks later, 4 of my colleagues and I were out of a job.

6 months in the land of opportunity and I had to lick my wounds on unemployment.


Joined a training company as a consultant to intentionally develop my communication skills while I worked on my entrepreneurial desires

The plan was to get all the training I need in 6 months to a year and go full entrepreneur thereafter (didn’t work!)

My genius recruiting platform idea never got off the ground, and today is known as HireVue :/

Then decided I would start my journey as a real estate investor. No money no problem! (rigghttt…)

Great ideas… execution was a bit shakey for a myriad of reasons

What are those reasons you ask? Lack of capital, lack of technical skills or a CTO to actually build the tech I envisioned, and largely in retrospect, God didn’t want it for me at that moment. 



Decided I wanted to transition to a career in finance. Did a ton of self study and certifications to boost the resume.

Literally applied for most jobs at investment banks that had requirements that looked like I could do. Needless to say… failed at getting in the door for about two years.

In 2016, decided if they wouldn’t let me in, I would just get my MBA from a top 20 university, and come out making 200+

Paid a few thousand I didn’t have for a GMAT Program and applied to a MBA Prep Program that assists minorities looking to transition into b School.

Got rejected the MBA Prep Program January 2017.


Spring 2017 I was introduced to cryptocurrency investing, and financed my investing through credit cards (because I was broke)

Almost created the first black crypto currency hedge fund with my friends, but shit happens

Shortly after began my career at an European Investment bank working with transitioning Hedge Funds onto the Prime Solutions and Financing Platform. 

Between the five guys I started investing with in crypto, at the height of the bull run we had about $2m in assets. (lost alot of it)

That now brings us to EoY 2018. After working this hard to get to where I am now, the aim is to pay it forward 

Personal Tidbits

You got my story, here's me

I’m an Investor. Invest in assets and people

I’ve failed so much as an adult, its hard for me to trust those who haven’t failed

Social media aggravates and entertains me at the same time

Trap is my favorite genre of music

Was held to a higher standard my entire life; shit sucked but groomed me

My fear is not of failing, but of not reaching my potential

You will not outwork me

Will write at least one book before I croak

The ultimate goal is to put those I love in position to succeed



I think that covers it. Want to know more than that, shoot me a note below and lets connect. 

Man of Principal 100%
Conversationalist 80%
Honest to the Core100%
Jack of All Trades92%
Contrarian 65%