Bambata Hogue

Headed by Young King Bambata Hogue, YK1K is an upandcoming LA streetwear brand. With a strong focus on his African heritage, Bam continues to keep his finger on the pulse to stay ahead of the curve. 


Adrian Winston & Darin Wyly

Live Above represents much more than a clothing line. Adrian and Darin have made it their goal to inspire and uplift others to live above their situations. Dope clothes too. 



Oyedeji Oluwoye, Pascal Ntsama, Takaunia Carstarphen

Engineers by day, blockchain experts by night. Headed by Oyedeji, they not only run a cryptocurrency fund, they are building and consulting on some really exciting stuff in the space. Watch out for them on the nearest Forbes list.


Byron Gandy

Ready to start that new venture and need some graphic designs for your marketing or logos, look no further. 


Michael Thomas

Dallas based photographer who’s been burning up the streets lately with his art. See most of the pictures on the site? That’s his work, and he’ll travel to shoot. 



Brandon Green, Jineen Williams, and Jajuan Tyler

The one stop shop of digital media. Photography, videography, websites, logos… Anything you need to get your entrepreneurial vision off the ground. They are a good place to start. 




This is what we call the big leagues. Just copped a new spot and need a culturally relevant art piece to set of the fung shui… This is your man. DHibbert is an artist with a very interesting background and perspective, which shows when you see the story in the art. 


NYC artist to the core. GC is an abstract street artist that will add some grunge and cool to your crib, when his piece is hung on your wall. 


Personal trainer, Herbalife superstar, selfmade entrepreneur, Nupe, and father. Need that kick to get your ass back in shape, or in a rut because nothing seems to be working… Look no further. Literally seen this man transform from Erkel to Stefan. 


Dr. Lattouf

Well this is weird. Who likes going to the dentist? I can honestly say Dr Lattouf has changed my perspective. The whole team makes the ordeal a painless and seamless process with their attention to detail and down to earth personalities. I’ve seen my dentist last year more times than I’ve ever gone in my entire life. She’s legit.


Dr Dental

DeVonte Johnson

Where finesse meets passion and hard work. Vonte has moved from SGA President at TSU, to gaining his Masters at Duke and now studying at Tufts Dental School. Thats grand, but why he’s on this list is his focus on dentistry in Uganda with his Smile for Uganda campaign. He’s raised thousands of dollars for dental equipment already and is currently building a clinic for patients, while he’s still studying. 


Dwight has ensured that TSU’s productions and events were in good hands. He puts together pageants, talent shows, fashion shows, weddings. Basically anything that requires high quality production, he does and is based in Nashville. 


Beyond College Tours may be one of the biggest reasons why I studied at Tennessee State University. Alvin was the sole force in our small town to show young black and brown kids something bigger. He’s coming up on his 20 year anniversary of providing thousands of kids with unforgettable experiences. 

Abdul Karim Abdullah

What’s our answer to Coachella? Afrochella! Abdul created a festival of enormous magnitude for all to go back to the Ghana and experience the motherland with all of the amenities you would be accustomed to having at a festival in the states. Afrochella is held in December annually. 


Garrison Adams

Best wing bar in Nashville, period. Bar offers BYOB, hookah, and karaoke. This is an easy choice